About Wealth Advantage

Wealth Advantage is a training and personal coaching platform. It is a philosophy of personal development and success that incorporates both time-honored truths and modern technological tools. By compiling this information into one comprehensive, you can get the critical skills you need quickly and apply them efficiently to reach financial freedom faster. At Wealth Advantage, we are dedicated to helping you find, explore and develop your passion into a set of highly valuable skills that can be leveraged for tremendous financial benefit. We understand that every person is different and our three-phase approach reflects this.

Phase I - Personality Type/Skill Assessment

Phase I is a personality assessment structure used by nearly all Fortune 500 companies to evaluate millions of people to optimize their abilities and maximize profits for the company. The results of this powerful tool is combined with a skill assessment to align you with a primary and secondary wealth building strategy from 34 strategies proven over time to create wealth.

Phase II – Wealth Building Strategy Seminar

Once the baseline of options is determined, we conduct an intensive on-line or in-person seminar designed to deepen your understanding of yourself and develop financial goals, a learning plan and an action plan to achieve those goals. The seminar includes a passion assessment, a resource assessment and a personality trait assessment. These will clarify your strengths, weaknesses and habits, which shape the manner in which you approach your action plan and the anticipated timeline of achieving your goals. The seminar also provides extensive creative thinking exercises to challenge you to go more than surface level deep and encourage break-through insights.

Phase III - Community and Accountability

As a Wealth Advantage client, you will find structure and support along your journey to financial freedom. You will have access to customized book lists and training videos that make up your training plan. You will also have access to an online dashboard to help you track progress toward your goals. In addition, an online community group for each wealth-building strategy provides resources along with a forum to discuss challenges and opportunities with others along a similar path. Each private community group is moderated by an experienced mentor that has achieved financial independence in the wealth-building strategy. To maximize accountability and your results, we suggest supplemental coaching or mentoring as needed. These coaches can review your personal dashboard and answer questions specific to your plan. Wealth Advantage makes these resources available with the expectation that focusing on one’s passions and providing ongoing support will strengthen your resolve to push through the inevitable challenges and obstacles that come with the pursuit of wealth. It isn’t easy to build wealth. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible. When you are ready, we are here to support you.

To me, every day is an adventure and a new opportunity to achieve progressively greater goals.

    These goals showed up in academics, sports and then business.  For the last 30 years I’ve worked in the energy industry helping large industrial customers negotiate energy supply and infrastructure contracts.  During this process I honed two primary skills, negotiation and project management.  Over time, I linked the improvement of these skills to the creation of value and started working on a larger variety of projects to create even greater value.   After approximately 15 years I realized that working within an organization would limit the financial benefit that I could extract for my efforts.  After leaving the corporate environment, I learned more lessons, this time, about utilizing my skills across industry segments.  I began with investments in real estate, which would ultimately move from small residential units to duplexes and eventually to multi-family complexes.  I’ve also used these skills to build businesses, including WealthAdvantage.


     Along the way there have been many stops and starts.  At 47, I was in a negative personal and financial situation.  This prompted me to focus on developing a plan to re-establish my life and my ability to retire.  I returned to my driving principals and established goals consistent with my personality, skills, resources and opportunities.  Within 5 years, I had a net worth of over $1 Million through consistent and dedicated application of my skills and continuous self assessment.  Since then, I have continued the process, but have found the journey to be more fun than the destination.  I am now on a mission to share as much knowledge about wealth building as possible because I have always had a passion for coaching and mentoring people and believe that this is the greatest value that I can create for society.  I invite you to examine the ideas and concepts within this website and judge for yourself their value.  If you find yourself ready to pursue your passion to prosperity, you will find me ready to partner with you and provide all the tools you need.