1. Develop a method to change your mindset.  Use the neurolinguistic programming method of anchoring to trigger an improved mood.
  2. Set frequent achievable goals and reward yourself for achieving them.  Progressively make your goals more challenging so they can grow instead of being stagnant.
  3. keep a regular Journal and document your successes.  You can go so far as to highlight the words on the page.  At the end of each month reread your journal entries focusing only on the highlighted sections.
  4. Stick to what you know.  If you develop an expertise and use your expertise in as many different settings as you can.
  5. Complement other people.  Being appreciative of the skills of other people will help you recognize your own.
  6. Ask for recommendations.  
  7. Promote yourself on social media By sharing your knowledge
  8. create a vision of what you want to be.  It’s OK to imagine what kind of car, House in vacation that person takes.  More importantly, though I want you to write down the skills that person has, The personal connections that person has, sacrifices that person will make.  Imagine your calendar full of fence meetings that make you money.
  9. Create an image or persona you want other people to see.  You as.  Whether you like it or not people .judge you by your parents and a negative appearance keeps them from finding out the truth about how you did you bring.  Furthermore dressing the part will make you act the part.