Goal Scheduling – 1 Year (1 -2 hrs)

Once you have the 5-Year Goal Schedule completed, you can move all the activities that fall in the first year to your 52-Week Goal Schedule.  This becomes the basis for your annual work schedule and will be considered a draft.  Develop the schedule consistent with the duration and sequence associated with the 5 Year Goal Schedule.  This 52-week schedule will more clearly define the duration of each task from quarterly to weekly.  As such, you should begin to think about the resources needed for each of the tasks and how each fit in with planned personal goals.    

Communicate your goals with others in your life but decide in advance before the conversation what your boundaries will be.  If your spouse or business partner are critical to supporting your goals, then sharing your draft with them will help you to gain acceptance of your goals and make it easier to settle future conflicts.   

Expect people in your life to want to keep the status quo and avoid risk.  Expect them to ask a lot of questions.  When they do, share with them all of the planning that you have conducted in this seminar, including your passion assessment, learning plan, networking plan, and goal assessment.  Ask them for constructive ideas of how to improve the schedule while allowing you to keep your goals.  If they want to continue to criticize or try to instill doubt, ask them for a copy of their goal assessment and planning schedule.