Habit Assessment (10 min)


Estimated Time to Complete: 10 minutes

Wealth comes to successful people and successful people become that way by working on themselves first. Building great personal development habits is as essential as mastering specific skills for your wealth building strategy. Personal development habits create a framework for consistency and excellence. In the next exercise, you will find an inventory of fifty (50) personal development habits, all directly related to increasing your ability to create value.

In this section, we are going to take an inventory of personal development habits. Please utilize the Habit Inventory worksheet for this exercise. Simply click the radio button that represents the frequency with which you perform the habit. Notice that all the habits begin with the word ā€œIā€. This is because only YOU can own these habits and, as such, it is critically important that you answer honestly. After you have completed the habit inventory, review the Scoring Instructions on the next page.