Introduction – The Wealth Advantage Framework

Wealth Advantage is a training and personal coaching platform.  It is a philosophy of personal development and success that incorporates time-honored truths and modern technological tools.  By compiling this information into a comprehensive framework, you get the critical skills you need quickly and apply them efficiently to reach financial freedom faster.  At Wealth Advantage, we are dedicated to helping you discover, explore, and develop your passion into a set of highly valuable skills that can be leveraged for tremendous financial benefit.  We understand that every person is different, and our three-phase approach reflects this.

Phase I – Wealth Building Strategy (WBS) Development

Phase I is a personality assessment structure used by nearly all Fortune 500 companies to evaluate millions of people to optimize their abilities and maximize profits for the company.  The results from this powerful tool are combined with a skill assessment to align you with a primary and secondary wealth building strategy from a selection of 33, which have been consistently proven over time to create wealth. 

Phase II – Personal Prosperity Plan (PPP)

Once you’ve selected a wealth building strategy, we conduct an intensive online or in-person seminar designed to deepen your self-awareness and create a comprehensive action plan to achieve your financial goals.  The seminar includes identifying and evaluating your passion, habits, network, and goals in addition to providing a learning plan and decision-making framework.    These will clarify your strengths, weaknesses, and habits, which affect the way you approach your wealth building strategy and the anticipated timeline of achieving your goals.  The seminar also provides extensive creative thinking exercises to challenge you to go deeper than surface level to realize breakthrough insights.

Phase III – Community and Accountability

As a Wealth Advantage client, you will find structure and support along your journey to financial freedom.  You will have access to customized books, videos and other tools to facilitate your learning plan and an online dashboard to track progress towards your goals.  Furthermore, our WBS community groups provide a forum to share common challenges and opportunities.  An experienced mentor moderates each community group to provide guidance and maximize accountability.  One-on-one mindset coaching or WBS mentoring is also available as needed.  With your permission, these coaches can review your personal dashboard and answer questions specific to your plan.

Wealth Advantage believes that focusing on your passion and providing ongoing support will strengthen your resolve to push through the inevitable challenges and obstacles that come with the pursuit of wealth.  It isn’t easy to build wealth.  Our goal is to make it as easy as possible.  We are here to support you.