Wealth Network Brainstorming List

The next activity is very similar, however, this time, you will list 5-10 people you want to be in your Wealth Network. This network will exclude your personal network of people who emotionally support you but do not have the skills or resources to substantially help you reach your goals. This list is both intentional and targeted at helping you pursue your financial goals to achieve the freedom you desire to live and give as you would like.

The first step of this exercise is to complete the Wealth Network Brainstorming worksheet. On this form, you will list three (3) individuals from the following categories:

• Wealthy & Wise – Three people that you know personally who have built wealth or demonstrated consistent wisdom and good decision-making. These are potential mastermind group members.

• Top people in your Wealth Building Strategy (WBS) – These are people who have already achieved the goal that you are striving toward. You do not need to know them personally – yet – but at least one should be within a reasonable driving distance. These are potential mentors or mastermind group members.

• Support roles in your WBS – These are people who have a supporting role instrumental to achieving your WBS. For example, a future writer might include a publisher or an editor. At least one should be local. 24

• Expert in your primary skills – These are potential mentors in your skills and will help you see alternative uses for the skill sets. One should be local.

• Complimentary skills – These are individuals that have a primary skill that is: 1. In the top 5 critical skills of your Wealth Building Strategy and 2. Match up against your weakest skill(s) in the WBS. These are potentially your strongest partners.

It is perfectly normal if you don’t have three people listed in each category yet. For now, enter a placeholder in the name file that represents the “ideal” person for that position. For example, “Rich Uncle”, “Local Entrepreneur”, “Communications Pro”, or “Internet Marketing Guru”.

Wealth Network Brainstorming

Wealth & Wise

Top people in your WBS

Support roles in your WBS

Experts in my primary skills

Complimentary Skills

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