Passion Statement

What is the driving force getting you out of bed in the morning?  Is it your passion, or some sense of obligation?  

If I asked you to define what your passion is, what would you say?  Most people would describe their ideal future.  They would tell you that they work to achieve the dream of having or doing whatever it is that makes them happy.   Your passion is the activity that you would do if you were financially free.  A natural conclusion is that an ideal life is one in which your pursuit of passion creates financial freedom.    

Your passion is not a vision of things you own in the future.  Material possessions can certainly be benchmarks or goals, but ultimately, they’ll be the result and reward of pursuing your passion.  They can provide initial motivation, but sustained drive must be fueled by something deeper.  A passion is therefore an activity or initiative you undertake for the specific purpose of creating sustained fulfillment and satisfaction.  The incredible thing about engaging in your passion activity is loving everything about it — just the act of engaging in it gives you a sense of purpose.  When you’re working within your passion, you have a metaphorical internal combustion engine driving you and providing you the commitment, stamina, and tenacity to accomplish your goals even in the face of obstacles. 

The next few activities will help you identify your passion and create a passion statement.