Personal Learning Plan Worksheet (45 min – 1 hr)

Review all the materials that you have completed to date in the Wealth Advantage framework and consider the action items that you were asked to generate for each.  This will include:

  1. Training recommendations from the online personality type and skill gap analysis.
  2. Habit assessment action items
  3. Network assessment action items
  4. SWOT analysis action items
  5. Appendix D with Learning Resources for each WBS.

The template below will provide a place to organize your plan and help you track progress towards completion of action items.  This is an instrumental supporting document to your overall Goal Assessment spreadsheet and should be coordinated with goal scheduling.


Personal Learning Plan


Personality traits, Habits, Goals


Network Assessment, Social Media Research, Personality Type


Skill Gap Assessment, Online Learning, Coaching

Wealth Building Strategy (WBS)

SWOT Analysis, Goal Assessment, Mentors

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