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The Wealth Advantage System founded by Dale Rector is designed to identify your passions, skills, and natural personality traits.

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 Mission Statement:

Provide knowledge, training, and ongoing support to people on the journey to a net worth of $1 – $5 million.


Wealth Advantage is a training and personal coaching platform. It is a philosophy of personal development and success that incorporates both time honored truths and modern technological tools. We are dedicated to helping you find, explore and develop your passion into a set of highly valuable skills that can be leveraged for tremendous financial benefit.

We understand that every person is different and our three-phase approach reflects this.

Wealth advantage provides a framework you can use to systematically develop a customized wealth building strategy around your passions and personality type.  Let our team help you pursue your passion to prosperity.

Adapting to Change

How do we manage our wealth-building plan in the face of day-to-day reality?  The answer is to monitor progress toward benchmarks and adjust if results don’t match expectations.  These success benchmarks will likely be connected to the five (5) critical skills...

Becoming an Expert

The greater your expertise in a skill, the more of the created value you can command for yourself.  Therefore it makes sense to improve your skills to the highest level of expertise that you can attain. Developing expertise takes time and commitment.  Prior to setting...

Six Figure Skills

Developing wealth requires skill, persistence, and discipline.  This does not require a college degree, although attending college builds persistence and discipline and also provides structured education in skills.   It is important to differentiate between skills and...

Focusing vs Multi-Tasking

I would like to talk to you today about an area where I struggle the most.  If you’ve been wondering why you work so hard and still haven’t hit that big score, this lesson may be particularly applicable to you.  We all know at least one wheeler dealer, don’t we?  It’s...


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