Like many people, I have a multitude of interests and have trouble keeping on task and sticking to a schedule. I bounce around and seem to move a lot of rocks a little each day. The problem is, those rocks can become irrelevant if you take too long to get them to the finish line.

Here are a few tips that have helped me:
1. Prioritize your interests in writing and keep them posted somewhere visible.
2. Set reminders and alarms on your “ever-present” phone to cue you into being productive or setting aside a specific time for a specific task.
3. Get rid of that “ever-present” phone during set times of the day.
4. Have an accountability partner that you can also delegate to. If you can generate more than $50/hr, you should hire a part-time personal assistant to leverage your productivity.
5. Start giving a “polite no” whenever possible, at least for a period of four weeks.
6. Take 5 minutes per day to remind yourself what you’re working for – align your purpose with your effort. This is one instance it’s ok to set an alarm on your phone.